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 Located on Route 1 in Yarmouth, Maine directly across from Clayton’s Cafe & Bakery
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We always offer FREE yoga mat rentals and towels! Also, tell your friends, $5 First Time Drop in rate!

Weather-related adjustments will reflect on our online schedule at least 1hr before class start time. To receive a text alert of weather cancellations, please text “RBY WEATHER ALERT” to 207-838-7481.


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Lots of fun workshops coming up!  Workshops are a great way to explore new aspects of yoga & deepen your practice.  Check out our full list of workshops here!


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Dr. Amy Sedgwick offering Internal Medicine Module for Yoga Medicine Teacher Training

April 15-22, 2018 | Boone, North Carolina

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How are you taking a break today?
Today's schedule:

Vinyasa Flow 8-9.15am with Susan McCadam Hoffman
10-11am Slow Flow with Belle Marsh
12.30-3.30pm Beginner Workshop with Skye Adams
4.30-5.45pm Yin Yoga with Tori Norton
Happy Sunday all!

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Sometimes we need to do less and relax more. We've been trained that we need to work for results, whether it be practicing yoga, being in a relationship or in our work life. And of course, that is useful and appropriate at times. But Legs-Up-the-Wall, or Viparita Karani, also has its place. It offers a paradigm shift in how we approach the notion of "work" in both yoga and life.
Viparani means "inverted"and karani means "in action." There are many benefits to inverting the actions in your body.
Here are a few: - Reversing the flow of lymph and other fluids can refresh legs and the reproductive system
- Gives blood circulation a boost - Helps relieve fatigue and reduce stress
- Alleviates headaches
- Boosts energy
- Soothes menstrual cramps
- Relieves lower back pain

There is no warm up for this pose; you can do it anywhere, anytime. But just because you get into the physical position doesn't mean you will immediately relax, so try a calming breath. Try inhaling deeply for four counts, then exhaling for eight counts. Longer exhalations slow your heart rate and calm your nervous system. Try this for five cycles and then return to breathing naturally.
And then, do nothing. Really! Let your mind float like a kite riding on a soft breeze.
Stay as long as you want, or as short as five minutes. Your walls or our walls are always here for you. ❤💗💚 #yoga #maine #maineyoga #riverbendyoga #beherenow
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Riverbend Yoga is excited to be a host studio for MMC Institute for Teaching Excellence’s Wellness in Teaching Program!

Read the latest from Riverbend Yoga’s own Dr. Amy Sedgwick at Yoga International!

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