image1Renew, Reset, Refresh: Restorative Yoga & Reiki Healing
5:30-7 pm, Fri Mar 10, 2017 – $20

Come pamper yourself and join Kelly Rich for a 90 minute candlelit grounding and transformative experience. This specialized workshop will begin with a short meditation in order to prepare students for relaxation and deep healing while holding restorative yoga postures and simultaneously receiving hands on Reiki assists. Restorative yoga uses a variety of props (blankets, bolsters and blocks) to create a supportive environment that induces the relaxation response and calms the central nervous system. Kelly will mindfully demonstrate each posture in multiple ways so you can choose what is right for you in that moment and will guide you into a space of deep restoration and renewal where you will then experience hands on Reiki healing.

Reiki is infused into this workshop by providing skillful and intuitive hands-on assists while you remain in restorative poses to expand your experience of relaxation and replenishment. Reiki is an ancient form of universal energetic healing that promotes a state of balance, harmony and self-healing. This healing modality is based on the belief that universal life force energy (prana) flows through us and that when it is stagnant or blocked it creates distress and dis-ease. Reiki encourages the innate healing energies within to activate and assist in overcoming and avoiding distress and dis-ease while achieving a deep sense of relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing.

Both Restorative yoga and Reiki work on all levels of being to help aide in reducing stress, anxiety, depression and other ailments. Combining the two allows the space for deep healing to occur and a transformative experience within and without. All postures will be on the ground, absolutely NO experience necessary. $20 pre-registration suggested as space is limited and this WILL sell out.


Advance Your Asana
5:30-7 pm, Fri Mar 17, 2017 – $20

This workshop is an opportunity to advance your physical yoga practice. Guidance can be our best prop when looking to move deeper into the advanced practice of asana. In this 90 minutes we will cover the fundamentals and safe alignment of:
  • Chaturunga Dandasana(Low Plank Pose)
  • Urdhvamukha Shvanasana (Upward Facing Dog)
  • Bakasana(Crow Pose)
  • Parsva Bakasana (Side Crow)
  • Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (Extended Tree Pose)
  • ….and more!

Donation Class for Planned Parenthood
@ Port City Music Hall
10-11:15am, Sat Apr 8, 2017

Get your flow on and support Planned Parenthood!!  All levels Vinyasa flow class with all proceeds to Planned Parenthood, Portland chapter. Saturday, April 8, 10am-11:15am.  Pre-registration is suggested (donation taken online). Limited drop in spaces will be available. $10 minimum donation. Class held at Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress Street, Portland, Maine.  Mats & Props NOT provided.

Sagel Urlacher How to Meditate MaineMeditation 101
w/Sagel Urlacher
12-2pm, Sat Apr 15, 2017 – $30

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years as a way to reduce anxiety and live with a greater sense of tranquility and wholeness. Anyone can learn to do this simple, powerful practice and receive its many benefits — here’s a chance to learn how to get started! Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress in the body, lower blood pressure, and prevent the effects of aging in the brain. This transformative practice helps us to live with more compassion in our hearts and more clarity in our mind, and to create and enjoy more harmonious relationships.

In this workshop, you will learn what meditation is…and isn’t; how it benefits you physically, mentally, and emotionally; how to build a comfortable posture; simple meditations you can do anywhere; ways to create a sustainable home meditation practice; and how to avoid common pitfalls and cultivate compassion for yourself. Time is included for group sharing and Q&A.

Yoga Nidra with Sagel Urlacher

Candlelight Yoga Nidra
w/Sagel Urlacher & Live Harp Accompaniment by Danielle Paus
5-6 pm, Fri Apr 28, 2017

Join Sagel and acclaimed harpist Danielle Paus for a blissful and transformative journey into Yoga Nidra, the effortless state of deepest relaxation. During this very special practice, your heart and spirit will be sweetly serenaded by the sacred healing sounds of live harp music to dissolve tension and stress from every cell of your body and help bring you deep rest and healing.

Yoga Nidra is a profound state of deep relaxation with inner awareness. It’s a transformational state between wakefulness and deep sleep that enhances our physical, mental, and emotional sense of well-being by releasing tensions accumulated and held in these layers of our self.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful healing tool and stress reduction practice that brings renewal, restoration and rejuvenation to the physical body. Research studies show that this process of conscious relaxation or “dynamic sleep” stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system response in the body, helping to reduce stress hormones and anxiety levels that can lead to many stress-related chronic illnesses and diseases. Yoga Nidra will help you connect with the deep sense of peace that comes from pure and complete relaxation. In fact, it’s been shown that the benefits of 30min of Yoga Nidra are comparable to 3hrs of deep sleep.